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We wish you happy shopping in our uggs outlet online outlet. The economic reforms include increasing the retirement age from 65 to 67, starting in 2026, but do nothing to uggs outlet online real uggs open up Italy's inflexible labour market. The measures also call for the uggs outlet online sales privatization of some municipal services as well as the sale of state owned real estate. Italy's public debt totals twice that facing Greece, Ireland and Portugal combined. An Italian default could tear apart the coalition of 17 countries that use the euro as a common currency and deal a strong blow to the economies of industrialized countries struggling uggs outlet online belgie to avoid recessions. Patrick Young, a global markets analyst with the firm DV Advisors, said the problems with Italy run deep and won't be resolved with a single austerity package, and certainly not with Berlusconi's resignation alone. "The problem we have here is that ultimately, this crisis has spiralled out of control due to a complete lack of leadership on the political level throughout the European Union. And the problem is that it's not just a question of this particular package of austerity, which is going to be pretty tough for Italians. The truth of uggs outlet united states the matter is people don't have confidence in the eurozone leadership and in the eurozone political classes," he told CBC News.?Bernanke defiende el gasto en I D como cheap uggs cheap ugg boots for sale australia uggs on sale cheap free shipping uggs outlet stores new york ugg australia outlet mall
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